Big Cat Studio is built and operated by young and passionate individuals sharing an aligned goal.

Based in Singapore, BigCat Studio is a group of veteran game experts with many years of combined experience who have come together to form a new studio with a singular vision: to create captivating narrative games. In order to conquer the GameFi world, BIG CAT STUDIO has been established by a team of people with shared minds and visions in incubating NFT Game projects and metaverses, mostly consisting of game design experts and passionate individuals to turn Dark Land Survival into the next big name in the industry.

Initially founded in 2021 with 15 team members, BIG CAT STUDIO has been increasingly promoting expansion by hiring more talents to further develop DLS’s ecosystem. What makes BIG CAT STUDIO confident that DLS will achieve significant milestones in the future are the trusted core members with almost collective 50 years of experience in the gaming space. Prior to the start of BIG CAT STUDIO, all members had been involved in many notable projects, and launched more than 20 games with a variety of genres and themes, from casual games to hyper casual ones.

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