There are currently 5 Classes of Heroes in the game, a Hero is at his/her most optimal when using the weapons specifically assigned to his/her class.


Well-balanced and possessing both versatility and adaptability, the Assault is considered the perfect hero class for new players.

Most of the characters in this class come from the military or the police force prior to the pandemic. As veterans, when the pandemic spread out, they realized that the bottom of society had almost no chance to protect themselves from dangers. These are the first fighters of the Resistance, agile, dauntless, and selfless enough to protect survivors.

Their main weapons are rifles, submachine guns, light guns that are capable of continuous, rapid fire. They have low ammunition and moderate damage power.


The lastest class to appear within the resistance,

Snipers are selected from the elite troops within the resistance, and without doubt receive the most intensive training from the revolutionary army. Their mission is not only to eradicate the undead, but also to carry out special, high-stake tasks such as assassination and infiltration.

Weapons used are highly advanced and always equipped with high tech accessories such as target navigator and detector, fitted with a telescopic sight that promotes precision and chambered for a high-ballistic performance ammunition, capable of executing the targets from a long distance and even in the dark with extreme accuracy.


Heavy, which is short of Heavy Weapon Guys, were originally mercenaries serving special missions.

These reckless guys are trained to fight alongside Cyborgs, Bioengineer robots and advanced technologies, initially mainly aimed at colonization duties within the solar system and dealing with alien threats. However, after the failure of humanity when deciding to exploit and colonize planets beyond the Oort belt, these forces were gradually dissolved and forgotten. Some remained unemployed, some became exiles, some hired as assassins for the underground force of private corporations and wealthy individuals. Most of them concealed from society, until the pandemic hit.

The weapons they use are heavy and sustainability-promoted weapons with devastating firepower that is capable of dealing huge herds of Zombies. Heavy loves using weapons that can chew up a lot of ammos, and often cannot wait to constantly spin their miniguns.


This is a special hero class, inherently they are not specialized in fighting. Most of them are formerly farmers, hunters, people who live on the slopes of mountains, valleys, near forests, on islands ... areas far from the city.

Archers were used to using primitive weapons rather than modern weapons, at most, shotguns. Not soldiers, but ordinary people. However, when in danger, they can and will do whatever it takes to survive. Their advantages are toughness, endurance and adaptability in many different environments.


The Grenade come from many different countries and are assembled and sponsored by the Revolutionary Arms Science Association, an organization created by scientists involved in the protest movement. This movement was formed before the pandemic happened, originally to make a revolution, to build a new, high standards society.

After the pandemic hit, they turned their focus to saving the people from the disaster, and revolutionary work was no longer meaningful.

They - not only soldiers, but also scientists - have the ability to use (and create) the most advanced weapons. Most weapons have great damage (or high power), unable to fire continuously, but they are effective at wide range and are very useful in flat terrain.

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