🪙$BIG Token

$BIG Token acts as both governance and utility token for Dark Land Survival

Tracking $BIG here: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/dark-land-survival/

$BIG is the only official token for Dark Land Survival. Its use cases include:

  • Utilities:

    • Currency for NFT Marketplace

    • Minting new NFTs

    • Staking $BIG to yield NFTs as rewards

    • Staking $BIG to yield $BIG as rewards

    • Rewards of Community Events, Games.

    • DAO Governance in the future

  • In-game:

    • Rewards of play-to-earn mechanism

    • Rerolling new skills for Heroes

    • Upgrading Hero Stats.

    • Unlocking Hero's level milestones.

    • Tickets for PvP (coming soon)

    • Land Gameplay (coming soon)

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