PvE: Quick Hunt

In PvE Game Play, players will try to protect their safe house with their own resources to claim rewards from eliminating zombies.

⚔️ Quick Hunt (Campaign Mode):

When players press the "Start" button, they enter the "Quick Hunt - Campaign Mode"

The Resistance found a way to save the humanity from the verge of extinction. Pretty straightforward if you ask me, that is to wipe out all zombies on Earth. They invented a sound that can be used to attract herds and herds of zombies.

In this mode, Players can face real dangers with chances to claim juicy prizes. Players will have to survive many stages with an increasing difficulty after passing each stage. That means more zombies, stronger waves, or even mutants in next stages will appear to make the players struggle.

Playing "Quick Hunt" costs players 1 "Energy" point. Energy tank can be recharged by time or by engaging in PvP Mode.

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