All 5 current Classes of Heroes are from the Resistance army.

🤖 The Resistance Story

The frontline force against the Zombie disaster! ☠️

Initially, the Resistance was established to fight against the suppressive and corrupt government. But when the uprising against the authorities and corporations was unsuccessful, they decided to build an underground army, preparing for another revolution.

The Zombie pandemic tragically hit the Earth, and they knew everything was too late. What needs to be done now is to save the humanity, and rebuild their civilization that once was prosperous.

The Resistance force was founded 65 years ago, when humanity failed to conquer the Alpha Centauri star system. The earliest members of this revolutionary faction consisted mainly of scientists, and the rest were populist politicians. These politicians hate the hypocrisy of the capitalist elite and the way they make money on the heads of the poor. And scientists criticize crazy experiments that don't really care about the safety of the people. For example, when the government tried to create a super small black hole - a supermassive mass with great gravity. To save money, the government conducted these experiments in Arizona. But even if these experiments were carried on in the middle of the desert, they are still too risky for the existence of the Earth. Eventually, experimentation devices were brought onto the Moon, and when the project was about to go to hell, they had to dump all the materials on a spacecraft and hurl it into endless space.

Initially, the Resistance force was set up to fight. But when fighting against governments and corporations in the name of the law was unsuccessful, they decided to build an underground army, prepared for revolution. However, at the moment the Zombie pandemic hit, they knew it was too late to make a revolution. What needs to be done now is to save the people and rebuild civilization that once was prosperous. Because after all, those super rich people have left this Earth.

🤖 Heroes

🔥 Hero classes are classified according to the specific weapon class that Hero can use.

🔥 There are currently 5 different classes, namely: Assault, Heavy, Sniper, Archer, Grenade

🔥 Classes have their origins and characteristics based on the historical, cultural and technical traits.

🔥A hero has some crucial base stats and traits, and skills:

💠 Heroes Traits:

  • 🚀 Levels: 200 max. Hero's level affects his/her stats Stars: ranging from 1 to 10.

  • 🚀 Ranks: C, B, A, S and SS, Hero's rank affects his/her skills.

  • 🚀 Skills: Each hero has a unique skill, and we have at least 100 distinctive skills.

📊 Heroes Stats:

  • 🔥Damage: Damage Stats of minted heroes will have 5%-10% deviation from mean

  • 🔥Fire Rate: the amount of bullets fired in one second.

  • 🔥Damage per second (DPS): equals Damage*Fire Rate

  • 🔥Health Point (HP): HP stats of minted heroes will have 5%-10% deviation from mean

  • 🔥Earning Point: based on Heroes' Rarity

🔥 Players can upgrade their Heroes by using their earned DLA in the game.

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