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PvP: Dungeon

In PvP - Dungeon gameplay, there will be two main modes for Survivors to compete with each other for valuable rewards as NFTs.
Note: Stats, rewards are subject to change.

🧬Dungeon PvP 1v3 (Hunting Arena):

In Dungeon - Hunting Arena, 4 players will engage in a 3 minute zombie battle. Players will be ranked by their stage completion time. Similar to Quick Hunt (Campaign Mode), they have to survive challenging waves of zombies to claim their rewards after the game.
Entering Hunting Arena costs players 20 DLA as participation fee, plus 2 energy. The cumulative participation fees will then be distributed to 2 winners (First place and Second place) as the rewards for finishing a Hunting Arena match. The remaining of said fees (in case of lack of winners) will be put back into the reward pool of Quick Hunt mode. The 1st winner can randomly get an earning speed-up item.

🧪Dungeon PvP 1v9 (Fight For Land):

Zombies are overwhelming on various lands (NFT), by spending 2 energy searching for lands near by your position, users could enter the land and fight zombies.
In Dungeon - Fight for Land, Survivor will go against 9 others. Whoever finishes this stage first will win a very valuable amount of DLA Token, NFT Items & NFT Land shards with the amount of resources waiting to be exploited. In this mode, the different difficulties will yield different land rarity and value.

🧬Dungeon PvP Arena 1 vs 99 (Treasure Hunt):

In Dungeon - Treasure Hunt mode, an event will take place in a certain Land area, where an item box will be placed and Survivor will have to spend 2 energy to get a chance to overcome 99 other opponents to win this special NFT treasure. Because the event takes place in a specific Land area, there will be certain advantages for the owner of the Land.
Time will be limited in hours, depending on the valuation of the treasure.