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    What is Dark Land Survival? Dark Land Survival is more than just a NFT IDLE Zombie Defense Game powered by blockchain technology; Built on BSC, it’s a massive open world that comes with a whole new perspective. Aside from Play to Earn mechanic with a rich story, Dark Land Survival offers a superior gaming experience with various gameplay modes and features such as campaign, dungeon, raid mode, construction mode, landlord, and more… All of which encourage players to keep playing and exploring.
2. Which Blockchain will the game be built on? The game is powered by BSC network.
3. What is the contract of the game? Contract of the game is not yet released. Stayed tune on our socials.
4. What are Dark Land Survival tokens? Governance Token: $BIG - tradable on Exchanges, earned through Dungeon Arena and Special Quest. $BIG can be used for building Towers and Houses on Land, evolving Heroes & Weapons. $BIG is also the main currency to be used on NFT Marketplace.
In-game Token: $DLA - earned through Campaign PvE, PvP, Mining, Raid, Clan Wars. $DLA is used for upgrading Heroes & Weapons and other in-game utilities such as enabling shield when offline, refilling hero energy,...
5. What in the game is NFT? Weapons and Heroes. Each is represented by a card
6. How do I sell NFT and Big Tokens? You can trade your NFT on our NFT Marketplaces, and $BIG Tokens on Exchanges. Both will definitely be announced soon.
7. Where do I play Dark Land Survival? The game will be available first on mobile platform, on iOS and Appstore. During the later phase of the game, we will release the PC version of Dark Land Survival.
Last modified 2yr ago