Land GamePlay

a Work-in-Progress Mode.

When you own a land (NFT), you become a landlord and could do many things with the land:

  • Build a mining tower (NFT): A miner could generate coins overtime. There are 4 types of mining tower: DLS, DLL (rock), DLL (wood), DLL (oil). DLLs are material for other upgrades.

  • Build defending tower (NFT): Some types of defense tower are Wall, Guarding Tower, Army House, Cannon House. Defense Towers helps you to get less damaged when be raided or war (when you are offline)

  • Build service house (NFT): Number of service houses are depending on land's rarity. Service houses are used to lend, host guests (who has not owned any land) joining your land to do quests

  • Build farming house (NFT) in further roadmap: When you land is stable, you could build advance houses like: Farmer house, Pet house, Food house, Trade house

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